Robin Sullivan


Throughout the year, Robin is invited to speak at various church conferences, retreats, and teaching engagements. Bringing deep Bible based messages, love and a good share wholesome humor, creates a fun and engaging atmosphere where God moves and changes hearts. Robin believes she is built for public speaking/teaching and that it is not only her passion, but it just comes very naturally.

She started public speaking at her own evangelistic events some years ago. Because of the popularity of these events, sometimes a pastor's wife would hear about it and ask her to do it again at their church. There was one event Robin had called "Here Comes the Bride." All of the women leading worship were in brides dresses, including Robin!  A pastor's wife found out about it a few years later and asked her to do a three-part series with that theme during the summer for the women at her church and it was amazing!  

Robin enjoys mainly helping people understand the importance of learning how to evangelize.  She underscores what she teaches with practical examples of what she's learned through her years of serving God. Some other subjects she has spoken on are faith, the joy of the Lord, walking in love, being a bride who is prepared for her bridegroom, and the fruit of the spirit.  

Robin has also taught numerous Sunday school classes, many of which lasted 8 to 10 weeks. The classes have included Ephesians, The Book of John, and Developing Passion for God.  She has taught Sunday school classes on books as well, including The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren and Share Jesus Without Fear by William Faye.  That last book was one class that had two full sessions 20 weeks. It became a movement and Robin and several others lead people to the Lord over a whole summer. Over 160 people face-to-face accepted Jesus into their hearts!

Robin is available for all sorts of various public speaking/ teaching events and is not limited to group sizes or particular types of venues.

If you would like to invite Robin to speak at your church or Event please contact her by clicking here and submitting the contact form.  Thank you.


"It is my privilege as a pastor to recommend Robin Sullivan as a guest speaker. She is a wonderful Christian that radiates a genuine love for God and a passion for reaching the lost. She is an encouragement to me and my entire church. You will be wonderfully blessed by her."

Pastor Tim Forsthoff

Senior Pastor of Cornerstone Church of Highland