Robin Sullivan

Angel House Orphanage
Bethpudi, India

After prophecying at the age of 17 that she would start an orphanage someday, Robin fullfilled that dream and named it in honor of her mother and father.  Here is that story in her words.

From 38 Years of Pondering, To Joyous Reality

I had just turned 17 and it was the first semester of senior year. A nun was driving 3 of us students from our all girls high school to our rival for a basketball game. Since she had our undivided attention, she decided to use the opportunity to ask us the pivotal question, “So, what are you going to do with your lives?” I piped up, “I'm going to have an orphanage.” “Why?” she asked curiously. “I have two wonderful parents, and while I realize our family is not perfect, I have one! My Mom & Dad love me and want the best for me, and there are orphans who do not have anyone. It is not fair. I want them to know they are loved, and that they matter.”

Thirty eight years passed and I never forgot those words I spoke. I had an on-going conversation with God about it. As I worked on the mission field, often with children, I would ask the Lord, “Is this it? Does this fulfill the goal/dream of an orphanage? I would hear Him say, “No, this is not it.” Then, one day I found out that the Lord had given direction to dear friends of mine, Gabe & Hannah Bahlhorn to build orphanages in India. I was so happy for them. It was so never dawned on me that this could eventually have something to do with me.

One morning, He woke me up and said: “THIS IS IT...and I had you prophecy to yourself when you were 17 years old.” I was flabbergasted! The Lord gave me specifics, He told me to honor my parents with the first one, naming it in their honor. I could not wait to tell my Mom! I thought I would take a picture of the actual orphanage, then mat and frame it, wrap it, then give it to my Mom on Christmas morning. I imagined her beautiful face as she would open her gift, but that is not how it happened. In September, four days before my Mother went home to be with Jesus, I told her the story as she was in the hospital. She was amazed and blessed and she kissed me and held me close. She will see this refuge for 50 girls in India from heaven.

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Robin Sullivan

Robin with her parents, Barbara and Ray Sullivan