Robin Sullivan

"My passion and purpose in life is to know, love and serve Jesus and to tell the story of Jesus, and His glory, and of Jesus and His love."   - Robin

Where There Are People, There Is a Mission Field

The driving force behind everything Robin is involved in is her desire to fulfill the great commission. Her passion to share the hope of the gospel compels her in each interaction everyday.

She has traveled all over the world sharing God's message and offering assistance to the needy. Some of the places she has ministered in are the Mexico City garbage dumps, Cairo, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Honduras, India, Juarez, El Paso and Yokohma (Japan). But, to her, places like Michigan, New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Canada, Rite Aid, Kroger, CVS, etc. are just as important a mission field as anywhere else. One time, she was leaving a church in the Metro Detroit area that had a huge sign that faced you while left the parking lot that said, "You Are Now Entering the Mission Field." To her, that says it all.

Robin has experienced the power of God during her missions trips. One thing that she has seen time and time again while sharing the message is what she calls, "The Lightbulb Experience." That's when the Holy Spirit comes upon someone and suddenly they realize that there is a God and that this God loves them.  Often times, God gives Robin words of knowledge and she is able to speak directly into the lives of complete strangers; into their specific situation. She has also seen the drunk become instantly sober while hearing God's message.