Robin Sullivan

Radio Host for ProclaimFM 102.3 

Robin has been a voice on Christian Radio for over 33 years. She hosted The Praise Company Afternoon Drive on WMUZ and also hosted a half hour teaching show called I Love To Tell The Story on Saturday mornings on WRDT.  

She now is hosting a new show weekdays from 3 - 7 pm on 102.3. Can't get it on your radio dial?  Stream the station at!

"My favorite aspects of my job are telling the audience about Jesus, sharing His love, giving people hope and encouragement, and playing the greatest music in the whole world that points people to the Savior of the World!

I have often heard that people feel the need to listen because they need to get into a better mood before they go home from work.  What a joy!"

                                                                                - Robin

"Seriously. I love listening to your show. I don't think I've ever enjoyed a radio show as much as I enjoy yours...not even just the music, but the stories you share."

Love you. Made my day, no kidding!

- Listener


"Robin is a sweet and wonderful person that can relate to and inspire anyone! As personal as she is, and as able as she is to be loving & compassionate when connecting with people of any background, Robin carries herself in the most professional & respectful way! Having worked with her personally I feel that I am able to call her my friend, but her style of interacting with others would make anyone feel like they have known her for years! Robin has passion and commitment to anything that she gets involved in and would be a benefit to any project that she chooses to get involved in! "

- Jule Henes - Picano

  Owner/Director For Kids Sake Early Learning Center