Robin Sullivan

Robin's Testimony

Robin spent her childhood in Rhode Island, the fourth of five children.  She was brought up to love church, not steal, not lie, and to speak politely.  She loved the Red Sox (if not, she wouldn't have been a "Sullivan from Pawtucket" and would've been kicked out of the family!) and went to their games whenever possible.  As she got older, she dreamed of being an actress and living in New York City. 

When she got out of college, she made her dream finally come true.  She moved to New York on her own.  She had a new life, but through it, she became a total mess.  She briefly found herself back in Rhode Island and was invited to go to a Christian event at Providence Civic Center. She went, even though she was on drugs that night.  She had had plenty of "religion" all her life, but it wasn't what she really needed.  She needed a "relationship" with God. That night, was the beginning of that "real" relationship.  As everyone started to worship God, she felt the effects of the drugs she was on lift from her.  A salvation testimony was being given in Spanish from a person on the stage. Robin realized that miraculously she could understand what she was hearing even though she never studied Spanish!  That was the moment she got saved.  

From "Broadway" to "The Way"

Robin returned to New York shortly after that event and tried again to make a new life for herself.  She landed a part in an off Broadway show, but wasn't feeling proud of it and she still felt as if she had no direction. Seven months later, she heard the Lord clearly speak to her and tell her what she needed to do. It was to leave the show and go back to Rhode Island.  It was a humbling experience to go from the excitement of New York City and the theater world, back to working at her dad's pizza place, but it was the right thing to do.  From there, she began attending Bible Studies and prayer meetings and quickly grew in her relationship with the Lord.

Within a couple of years she was offered the job at WMUZ and God told her to take it.  She now loves and feels honored to be living in Metro Detroit, and even loves the Detroit Tigers...second behind the Red Sox of course.    

"I love life...and Jesus is life.  He said 'I am the way the truth and the life, no one comes to the father but by me' the conclusion is, I love Jesus"                                                                                                                 - Robin