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John 3:16
Our corporate office recently asked me if I would develop a fifteen minute daily program for the radio stations that have fifteen minutes to fill on occasion. Really, it's an FCC regulation kind of thing. On most "religious" radio stations (I hate it that they call it that, frankly because before I had a true blue relationship with God, I had religion and it was enough to kill me!) Anyway, on most religious radio stations blocks of fifteen and thirty minutes are sold to ministries to teach/ preach etc. and if the station is not licensed for music, they really shouldn't play it. Every now and again, there is a slot not filled and what do you do with that?? Call your local DJ and see if she would be willing to fill it with a teaching. Yay!

They asked for a suddenly I feel important...who knows? Maybe this will lead to a tv show?! That Girl or Everybody Loves Robin or The DJ Voice or I regress. In any case, we, meaning my boss and I, agreed that a show on a Christian radio station that could be very effective, even useful, is one in which encouragement and instruction to evangelize would be helpful. Considering I am a part of a group of women who are involved in a growing movement called Shine, designed to mobilize women to reach their world for Jesus, it made sense to just call the show just that: Shine. And so it is!
A fifteen minute morsel of time in which I can expound on the importance of evangelism. Tell me that is not cool!

I have just completed the first week and it is a five day emphasis on just one verse: John 3:16. I really hope that you can somehow think beyond the guy with the rainbow colored wig here. Who is that guy anyway?

This much I can tell you, for sure....I could have spent a month just studying this verse and giving exposition on it and I am no scholar....but the richness of this verse alone is better than any food I have ever eaten, better that any kiss I have ever gotten, better than a glass of crisp, cool water on a hot summer's day.

For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him will not perish, but have everlasting life.
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