Robin Sullivan

Angel House Orphanage, ...continued
They Call Her Auntie

Robin has had the opportunity to visit the orphanage twice and meet the wonderful girls and their host parents. Fifty Girls are housed there ranging from the ages of three to fifteen.  Most of them were literally rescued from the streets of India or from other devastating circumstances. Now they are living in a beautiful clean home with a marble floor, a cozy dorm room, and a courtyard with a lovely garden.  Their's is the only orphanage in India of it's kind that has a fortress around it and a secure gate. Here the girls find safety, comfort, and people who really care about them.

While there, they are being educated and taught how to cook and to clean. Robin made sure each of them had their first Bible with their name on it before she left. Amazingly, many of them have fallen in love with the Lord since then. Each year Auntie Robin sends special gifts at Christmas time to bless the girls and give them something special to celebrate Jesus.

50 Girls - Well Over 50 lives Changed

The girls at the orphanage have had an amazing impact on their village. Their witness has been so strong that those who interact with them have been getting saved! So much so, they started coming to the orphanage to worship in the dorm room. They started to move the beds over to one side of the room so that on Sunday mornings they could honor the Lord, sing praises and hear the preaching of the Word of God.

When this was brought to Robin's attention she recognized the urgency to build a church there.  She prayed about it and began raising money.  Within six months, the finances came in and the church was built! With great joy, Robin attended the church dedication and preached the church's first sermon. This church is the first church in Bethapudi, India  The girls greeted Robin with their Bibles in hand, excited to show her how they had been reading them and how they have gotten closer to Jesus.  

Robin continues to support the needs of the orphanage through Robin Sullivan Ministries. If you would like to bless this orphanage and church with a donation, please click here the donate button to the right.